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Solace through the rain

Death comes knocking on your doorstep disguised as solace through the rain.

The winter showers drown your wailing from your deepest sorrows.

While sulking in grief after we lose someone we remain on this earth on borrowed time.

As we go through our life we are reminded of the beautiful, irreplaceable memories & sorrow that our loved one left behind as we still find the peace to carry on.

One day you may look outside your window and will be greeted by a sparrow on a bare branch looking for shelter from the winter storm however it’s solitude & tranquility will bring you solace through the rain.

I'm a Honduran & Cuban second generation Latina, born & raised in Long Beach, Ca. I write to heal my inner woes and to release my creative energy into the universe, in the process my hope is to inspire & help others. I’m a advocate for mental health & autism awareness. I love coffee, a sweet red wine, a good read and creating memories with my loved ones.

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