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Letters for papi (No.7)

Letters to my father, documenting his journey while he fights for his life against Covid-19 in English & Spanish. Cartas a mi padre, documentando su lucha por su vida contra Covid-19 en inglés y español.

Merry Christmas Papi,

Today has been a depressing day for me I’m not going to lie. The void of your presence is apparent & I miss simply talking to you. We’re taking your recovery day by day and that’s all we can do. You remain critical & not much has changed. Doctors are hoping that you’re stable enough to perform the tracheotomy this upcoming Monday.

Despite of my sadness today, I have felt the love & holiday spirit from loved ones. I’m safe in my home with my family, I took pictures on my good camera to share with you one day. Your grandson has been busy today playing with all his new toys. Your granddaughter & I have been watching shows all day in the living room just relaxing and taking naps in between.

Papi, honestly I just can’t stop missing you, this week so much has happened to me and all I wanted to do is call you so I can feel your love & protection & for you to tell me that all will be ok. I sent you a text message today it was therapeutic just to do so. I hope you read that text soon a long with these letters.

Love always,

Your daughter

“When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.” – Linda Poindexter

I'm a Honduran & Cuban second generation Latina, born & raised in Long Beach, Ca. I write to heal my inner woes and to release my creative energy into the universe, in the process my hope is to inspire & help others. I’m a advocate for mental health & autism awareness. I love coffee, a sweet red wine, a good read and creating memories with my loved ones.

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