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Letters to papi (No.5)

Daily letters to my father, documenting his journey while he fights for his life against Covid-19 in English & Spanish. Cartas diarias a mi padre, documentando su lucha por su vida contra Covid-19 en inglés y español.

Dear papi,

Today the Nevada skies are gray waiting for the rain to make it’s way and it’s cold. I love days like this, my mood is still down but I’ll be ok I promise. You know what popped in my head when you taught me how to write you started teaching me how to do a line & a circle but in your words it was called “un palito y una bolita”. It’s amazing how we capture these memories and they just pop in our heads randomly. Good times daddy.

Your health update today they were able to place the “G-tube” the procedure went well. Everything is about the same at least you’re not getting worse and again that’s all that matters. I’ll be honest I wasn’t going to call today for an update because calling is nerve racking because I don’t know what news I’m going to receive. But I shouldn’t let fear take control. I want to make sure that I get accurate information on your health to let family know.

With love,


I'm a Honduran & Cuban second generation Latina, born & raised in Long Beach, Ca. I write to heal my inner woes and to release my creative energy into the universe, in the process my hope is to inspire & help others. I’m a advocate for mental health & autism awareness. I love coffee, a sweet red wine, a good read and creating memories with my loved ones.

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